What’s So Special About Bubble Eye Goldfish?

The bubble eye goldfish is one of the strangest looking fish you’ll ever see.

The bubble eye goldfish was bred accidentally from celestial or telescope goldfish parentage. The weird look caught the attention of goldfish collectors and the bubble eye goldfish family was born.

The bubble eye is a fancy fish characterized by large distinctive fluid filled sacs that protrude from underneath the eyes. The bubble eye is normally bred without a dorsal fin and comes in a variety of colours.

Bubble eye goldfish are somewhat more complicated to care for than other fancy goldfish. Due to the fragile nature of the eye sacs, sharp or rough edged objects must be removed from the aquarium. If the sacs burst, new ones will grow in their place, but will not grow to the same sizes or shapes of the originals.

Bubble eye goldfish are weak swimmers and do not survive well when placed with aggressive and strong fish. The eye sacs impede the sight of the bubble eye goldfish, making the detection of food rather difficult for him. Aggressive fish would no doubt cause the bubble eye to starve.

Caring for the bubble eye goldfish might be complex at first, but once the tank is ready and proper feeding is under control, the bubble eye make very interesting pets.