What Are Soft Tabs?

Are you wondering what these so-called Soft Tabs are? Are you having a hard time pleasing your wife or girlfriend sexually? If you answered yes to any or both of the questions, then you definitely want to read on!

Also known as generic cialis, Soft Tabs have been dubbed as Super Viagra and for good reasons. Not only do they act quicker than Viagra, the effects and boost you get from them lasts so much longer, too!

These oral lozenges that are compounded and come with quick dissolving compounds come in a variety of flavors – mint, lemon, strawberry, banana, and that’s just to name a few. You’re sure to find one that suits your taste-buds.

Applied sublingually, Soft Tabs dissolve the minute you place them under your tongue. Within 10 minutes, they can be detected by the plasm and you’ll experience the effects within the next 10-15 minutes. That’s a far cry from Viagra’s 1 hours ‘gestation’ period!

These Soft Tabs that stimulate your dopamine receptors in your hypothalamus and mid-brain section has been found to be ideal for many couples. 95% of its users give it 2 thumbs up. Gone are the days when you need planning for sex hours before.