What Are Japanese Goldfish?

Japanese goldfish are not limited to one specific type of fish. Rather, the Japanese goldfish family is made up of many different types of goldfish, all bred in Japan.

At first, the Japanese intended to keep these goldfish within their own country, but word spread throughout the world and Japanese goldfish have become extremely popular among goldfish collectors.

The Ryukin, is a Japanese goldfish that has a distinctive hump just behind its head. This goldfish is non-traditional because its body is as deep as it is long, rather than long and slender as are the bodies of many common goldfish. The Ryukin comes in a variety of colours and has elegant flowing fins. Ryukin are aggressive eaters, but due to their deep bodies are prone to swim bladder problems and their diets must be carefully monitored.

Wakin and Jikin Japanese goldfish are bred for their colour markings, rather than their body features. These goldfish are bred in reds, oranges and whites and colour patterns must be very precise for them to be acceptable as collectable fish.

Japanese goldfish come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours but they all share one thing in common, simple beauty. Japanese goldfish are popular because of their simple features, rather than for genetically engineered growths such as egg shaped heads or eye sacs.