There Are Many Amazing, Strange And Beautiful Types Of Goldfish, Read On To Discover More…

Types Of Goldfish – If you are just setting up a tank, or in the market for a new fish, there are many and varied types of goldfish to choose from.

Varieties with attributes such as:

  • single tails (common goldfish, comets, shubunkins)
  • double tails (Jikins, Wakins)
  • sleek and slender bodies (common, comets, shubunkins, Wakins, Jikins)
  • rotund/stout bodies (fantail, pearlscale, oranda, ryukin, etc.)
  • with dorsal fins
  • without dorsal fins (bubble eye, celestial, ranchu, lionhead, eggfish)

Then you might like to take into account the existing set-up of your tank or the types of goldfish you would like to see.

That might be:

  • the continuous movement of sleek and slender goldfish like common and comet goldfish etc.


  • the graceful gliding of types of goldfish like fantail or veiltail etc.

Of all the many and varied types of goldfish, they have all been bred from the gibel carp found originally in China. Although the comet has been credited with being developed in the US.

From the original species, selective breeding has resulted in varied coulours all based around white, red and black through to yellow and purple.

Other exotic features found on types of goldfish that appeal to many owners are unusual headgrowth (called wen) and abnormal eye configurations such as telescope and bubble eye.

Always remember though, with the types of goldfish you do eventually choose the same basic goldfish care rules apply throughout.