Tridacna Crocea (saltwater clam)

Scientific Name: Tridacna Crocea
Origin: Central Indo-Pacific to Australia
Size: 1-8″
Temp: 77 – 82?F
PH: 8.1-8.3
Alkalinity:Between 8-13dKH, and low amounts of nitrates and phosphates
Lighting: Should have Metal Halides but VHO may work.
Tank Recommendation:Very stable and mature tank, at least one year old with
very good water conditions and calcium of 425-500.

Tridacna Crocea are one of the most beautiful things in the reef and
therefor hard to care for. Tridacna Crocea can come in many different
colors and sizes which make them so wonderful because you can lots of
different types. They are one of the hardest kinds of clams to care for in
the lighting needing to be super strong and perfect conditions will make the
T Crocea thrive.

Croceas love the rock work to attach to. You will see some clams that like
the sand and some that like the rocks. When on the rocks and thriving the
clam will attach and be pretty dang hard to move. If they don’t like their
spot, they may be able to move so it is best to place a rock there.

Tank bred specimens are now becoming available to the hobbyist. ORA clams
are bread in captivity and still just as wonderful as wild clams. It is no
wonder clams are one of the best selling corals in the hobby today.