The Wonderful World Of Oranda Goldfish

The Oranda goldfish is one of the most popular fancy goldfish in North America.

The Oranda has a very deep body and can grow up to twelve inches in length. Oranda come in most goldfish colors, including reds, whites, blues and blacks.

The most distinctive characteristic of the Oranda goldfish is the large growth on top of its head, called a wen. The wen takes about one to two years to develop and the quality of the growth is directly associated with the food and tank conditions.

The proper diet for Oranda goldfish consists of a variety of different foods, such as krill, veggies, shrimp, bloodworms and live plants. The deep-bodied Oranda is prone to swim bladder problems and therefore unsoaked foods should be avoided.

The Oranda goldfish is not an aggressive swimmer or feeder and should be placed in ponds or tanks with other similar fish. Lionheads, Pearlscales and Ranchu make perfect companion fish. Whereas comets and common goldfish do not.

The Oranda is a relatively hardy goldfish and can withstand mild winters in outdoor ponds. If the Oranda is to be kept outside in ponds, temperatures must be kept stable in order to ensure healthy wen growth. Oranda goldfish make excellent and interesting pets, and have become very collectible fancy goldfish.