The Truth Behind What Works for Acne Relief

Companies from all over market acne products. There are prescription medications, facial scrubs and creams, cleansers, home remedies and more. So what can you trust to help you get rid of your acne?

Examine some tried and true methods.

For instance, do you drink a lot of milk or partake of other dairy products? Stop having so many dairy products or drinking milk if you have acne. Many people are allergic to dairy products, and your acne could at least be partially attributed to a food allergy.

Talk with your doctor, and make sure you’re not using something that is too harsh for your skin, whether over the counter or prescribed. Also, along with the dairy products, cut out all those fried products. The oils in fried products are high in Omega 6, and whether they facilitate your acne or not, they are definitely going to make your skin look unhealthy.

Acne relief has much to do with what you eat naturally as you can tell. Making sure you have plenty of servings of fruit and vegetables is highly important. Flax seed oil is known for helping people with weight loss, but did you know it can also help you clear up your face?

Work on improving your digestion because this can be another major contributor to your acne problem. How can you do this? You can work on eating a healthy breakfast to start your day and help your digestion. Eating whole foods is also important in their natural state, so why not eat some fresh fruit for breakfast. Eat healthy snacks throughout your day and a nice well-rounded dinner. Also to help with your digestion, you can take aloe vera juice as well.

What else can you do to provide you with acne relief? You need a good cleanser, and you need to cleanse your face twice daily. Also, have you heard of azealaic acid? This is an antimicrobial substance that is very effective. A little apple cider vinegar can help too, both on your face and ingested as well. Ingesting the apple cider vinegar helps with digestion as mentioned before, and using it on your face is an all-natural cleanser.

Eat foods like fish to get those omega 3 fatty acids, and this also makes you eat more healthy proteins and meats this way. If you can tell, a natural well-balanced diet is essential to acne relief. If you don’t like fish, you can eat walnuts, beans, and more to get this same dose of omega 3. Or, you can take the supplement as well.

Do not drink beverages that are high in sugar or bad for you in general. Since drinking plenty of water is essential to battling acne, you should have replaced bad beverages with water anyway. Overall, you must take an all-around approach, and you need to keep your face clean and exfoliated as well.