The Sensational Goldfish Screensaver “Goldfish Dreaming”

Goldfish Screensaver – Watch as the beautiful Goldfish swim majestically around in a tank on your screen, giving the illusion of actually having an aquarium in your monitor!

Imagine the calm serenity you will enjoy from your new Living Goldfish Screensaver on your desktop pc, laptop or maybe in the office.

Here’s what some happy watchers of Goldfish Dreaming had to say:

“Great to watch, Yes. A must have for goldfish fans!!! I think so” Brenda D.

“I absolutely love it! I have 3 aquariums and I just love my fish and this goldfish screensaver just added the right touch to my PC..Thank You” Shirley L.

“A must have for goldfish fans!!!..been looking to buy….this would fit in well” Larry N.

“Damn good, Great to watch AND a must have for goldfish fans, or any stressed people out there who are bored of those annoying fakefish screen savers!!! hehe 🙂 Best moment? the two iccle fish kissing!