The Ins and Outs of Breeding Goldfish

Breeding goldfish is more complicated than most people realize. Goldfish are only able to breed during spawning seasoning. For aquarium fish, owners must mimic Mother Nature in order to replicate the goldfish’s natural spawning time.

To start breeding goldfish, begin with two males to every one female, this will increase the odds of egg fertilization. One year prior to spawning season, the owner should begin managing the tank environment. During the fall months, the tank temperature should be kept cooler than usual, and the fish should be fed less often.

After the winter months, the water temperature should be gradually raised over a four to six week period. Come spring, the breeding goldfish season, the temperature of the water should be warmer and the fish should be fed more frequently, thus recreating the natural spawning stage.

For the spawning stage, the tank should be prepared properly, including a breeding goldfish pad and lots of plants for the eggs to stick to.

Breeding goldfish actually only takes 3-6 hours of activity. The amber coloured, or fertile eggs should be removed and placed in another tank, while the white eggs are to be discarded.

Three to five days later, the eggs will hatch and you will be the proud parent of many fry. Breeding goldfish takes a lot of time and patience, but the results are worth the effort.