The Best Weight Loss Diet Coupled

The Montignac diet, diet Dr. Sheldon, Antoine Diet, and many doctors as the deputy the best weight loss diet coupled, but none of them takes it.

First, there is something “the best diet in the world,” what is the best diet for women’s health and everyone.

Second, the dissociated diet is not the best alternative for weight loss. It is a well known diet, but affected by nutrition experts because of their lack of scientific rigor.

According to this diet, you can not take more than one type of food at one meal. Proponents argue that overweight occurs not by the amount of calories but by making bad food combinations.

The reason is that the body supposedly can not separate the fats, carbohydrates and protein if taken together. But nutritionists say the digestive system if you are ready to digest and absorb each of these nutrients, together or separately.

But there are always exceptions. People with digestive problems like heartburn, reflux, flatulence, constipation and other do not produce sufficient enzymes for good digestion. In these cases, reduce carbohydrates, fats and proteins can help process your food better. Although there is no need to decouple the diet, only better choose the daily menu.