The Best Fish For Goldfish Ponds

When it comes to having goldfish ponds, you can’t simply select any old fish at the pet store and chuck them. Well, you could, but they’d probably die. There are very specific kinds of fish that can thrive in a fish pond. Fortunately, they’re great fish, so you shouldn’t be put out at all.

There are three basic choices as far as goldfish ponds go. These are:

  • Fantails and Orandas
  • Pond Comets
  • Koi and Butterfly fish

Fantails are known to be less aggressive than Koi and Pond Comets. For this reason, if you want to have Fantails in your goldfish ponds, you should probably not mix them with Pond Comets and Koi.

Pond Comets and Koi can be mixed comfortably, however, many pond owners don’t do so as their Koi are a great deal more expensive than Pond Comets. After all, when you invest in a Kohaku Koi of $10,000, it’s worth making a few sacrifices to protect that investment!

Each of these three types of pond fish come in many different sub-types, with a great array of colours, and shapes, so that you can combine them to create whatever pond look you were hoping to enjoy.