The Basics of Goldfish Breeding, Goldfish Eggs and Goldfish Fry

Goldfish eggs – Goldfish eggs are produced during spawning season, whether the parents live in a tank or in an outdoor pond.

Breeders wanting goldfish eggs to appear can mimic Mother Nature’s seasons by adjusting feedings and water temperatures at the appropriate times. For breeding to occur, the temperatures must be warm and male and female must be put in the same tank together, but only for a short period of time.

Breeding starts when the male chases after the female, bumping into her belly. If all has been successful, anywhere from 500-1000 goldfish eggs will pop out and stick to the first thing they come into contact with.

Viable goldfish eggs will have a clear color, while the duds will appear opaque or white. The viable clear eggs should be removed immediately and placed in a separate tank, while the opaque eggs are to be disposed of.

The separate fry tank should be prepared in advance so that the water has time to stabilize and match the temperature of the parent water. The water should be no deeper than 6 inches and no warmer than 700F. Within 3-4 days, the eggs should hatch. For the following 48 hours the fry will consume their yolk sacs, fill their swim bladders with air and start to swim around.

For the next 4 months, types of food and frequencies of feeding will alternate. Goldfish eggs are not around very long after they are produced, so enjoy them while you can, because once they hatch, you’ll have your hands full!