Tennessee Aquarium Route

The Tennessee Aquarium are an non-profit-making public aquarium placed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is River Journey building are the largest freshwater aquarium in the Earth.

The original River Journey facility are organized about the theme of the Story of the River, abiding by the path of a raindrop from eminent in the Appalachian Mountains to the Golfo de Mexico. Approximately 2/3 of the adeptness display follows these theme, with the rest committed to smaller aquatic exhibits hosting beings from around the cosmos.

The self-guided tour takes visitants through three aliveness forest exhibits that pour with life above and at a lower place the water’s surface. By the way, visitors see 1000s of animals like free-flying song birds, breaking down turtles, sand bar and sand tiger sharks, stingrays, river otters, moray eels and colored reef fish.

Afresh addition to the facility, Ocean Journey, afforded in Apr 2005, ostensibly follows the theme of a River Journey, though with a good deal less consistency than the master. However this adeptness does include more custody on displays, such as a big shark tank and ray adjoin tank, large macaws, a butterfly stroke garden with South American species on ceaseless display, also as the very large ocean tank itself.

Other visitant favorites include the Boneless Beauties art gallery, where guests enjoy invertebrates like man-of-war, cuttlefish, giant Pacific Ocean octopuses and Japanese bot crabs.

An even fresher 16,000 gallon penguin exhibit, on ten Macaroni penguins and ten Gentoo penguins, afforded May 3, 2007. The Tennessee Aquarium comprised the first and only aquarium to cover sea dragons.

The Tennessee Aquarium’s initial conceptual aim, architecture and exhibit aim (opened in 1992) was led by Peter Chermayeff of Peter Chermayeff LLC while at Cambridge University Seven Associates, and the expansion’s conceptual aim, architecture and exhibt aim (afforded in 2005) was led by Peter Chermayeff and Peter Sollogub and Bobby C. Poole at Chermayeff, Sollogub & Poole.