Apart from all other areas of life, astrology also plays a very important role in the area of health of an individual. The branch of astrology that deals with health of an individual are known as medical astrology. It is also referred to as health astrology. The ancient people saw the world in a totally different way. In the absence of modern sophisticated technology they relied on nature for answers to various questions and solutions to their problems. And nature obliged by providing them with solutions to all their problems, in a way which was much more effective than the ones we have today. Medical astrology was one such way of depending on the universe to seek solutions for their health related problems. They had strong belief in the relation between the position of the planets and other cosmic bodies and the fate of any individual. They believed that these heavenly bodies exercised decisive influence on the life of any individual. Thus started the concept of health astrology to figure out various mysteries related to the health of an individual.

Medical astrology is based on different principles and practices, just like any other branch of astrology. Its main function is to find out what influence will the heavenly bodies have on the health of an individual, what diseases will one be prone to? What are the causes of various disease that one contracts? What are the precautions one needs to take in matters of their health? Which part of their body is more prone to illness? If you contract any disease how long will it last? Possible outcome of the disease, possible and effective remedies for the disease, precautions to be taken to make sure that you do not contract the disease again, etc. Thus health astrology provides us with deep insights about our health and helps us take proper steps to stay healthy and fit. This will in turn help us lead a happy and prosperous life.

It is a proven diagnostic tool for speedy recovery and lasting cures. If a persons is aware of his disease in advance, he can take precautios at the beginning and hence lead a happy and healthy life.

Our expert astrologer can analyze your horoscope and determine bodily weaknesses/strengths and proneness to any disease and its state and any nutritional deficiencies. In case of any illness or diseased, our expert medical astrologer will use predictive methods to determine the severity and how much time disease will take to be cured. Astrologer will advice you regarding which types of ailment the you may suffer and which body part is mostly likely to have problem.

We will provide following information in our Medical Astrology Report:

  • Astrologer will analyze future diseases with timings of these diseases
  • If a person is already suffering from any disease, we will provide information when the disease will be cured or how much time it will take. Also if the disease is cureable or not if there is any major illness?
  • Will provide your Remedies for health issues if there is any
  • Food / Ayurvedic Herbs which are helpful to decrease the illness