Macrobiotic Diet and Myths

The macrobiotic diet one of the diets of the moment thanks in part to natural health and the publicity received by the Celebrities who follow, like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. However, there are a number of myths that create serious confusion as to its foundations.

The first of these myths is that which considers the macrobiotic diet as a “diet to lose weight.” Macrobiotics is a discipline that seeks a balance between mind and body of the individual through diet, is a way of life, and what your diet is to bring food for the needs of the individual. Another myth of the macrobiotic diet is believed to cause anemia and other problems of health due to lack of nutrient deficiencies. Rather, it seeks this diet is to give the body the right amounts of each nutrient, unlike other diets that are exceeded or lack a particular nutrient.

In this regard, it is believed that nutrient deficiency is due to the short list of foods that make up the macrobiotic diet. And this is not true, this diet includes a variety of foods to meet all nutrient requirements to maintain a balanced diet.

Finally, I note that while it is true that the macrobiotic diet is not a simple diet, if undertaken with the expert advice of a macrobiotic diet can adapt this as a healthy lifestyle.