Lose Weight with a Healthy Balanced Diet of the Great Outdoors

I have tons more energy now, and I feel far happier with the way I look, especially in the great outdoors. I was a size 20-22, and now am wearing a mixture of 14s and 16s for the first time in about 5 years. A much wider choice of things now fits me (and also suits me). Other people have really noticed and made positive comments. I recently got a new job, and was able to go to the interview feeling confident and looking smart in a nice tailored suit – whereas before I would have looked and felt like a blob, and would not have performed so well.

The biggest benefit for me is simply not feeling hot and sweaty all the time. When I’m fat, I’m always boiling. Last Christmas the family went to stay with my sister in Warsaw – the temperature got down to minus 20, but I still wasn’t particularly cold, owing to my layers of blubber. While everyone else was wrapped up in coats and fur hats and gloves, I was fine in a t-shirt and thick jacket. Whereas going on the tube in London in the summer was a complete no-no for me – in a matter of seconds I’d look as if I’d just had a bucket of warm water thrown over me. Yuck. Now I’m looking forward to being genuinely cold this winter!

Last time I went to Alton Towers I found to my horror that I nearly didn’t fit on the new ride, Oxygen, which is one of those where they have to pin you in with a big metal bar so you don’t fall out. Next time I go, hopefully the guy won’t have to push so hard to get the safety bar to latch shut!

There is one negative thing about a few people’s reactions. Despite the fact that I’m still 2 stone heavier than my healthy target weight, and don’t exactly look skinny, I’ve had several people claiming that I’ve “taken it too far“. This started after I had lost only 1 stone, perhaps because I tend to lose weight off my face first. It seems that a thinner me falls outside of some people’s mental comfort zone, but I figure it is up to them to adjust, and not me to apologise or stop what I am doing. I really resent this type of reaction, but find I only get it from a very few naturally thin people who don’t know a thing about dieting.