List Of Aquarium Fish

ou will need list of aquarium fish when you chose aquarium for your home. Here you can see what kid of fish Pantadon fish is. It has a peculiar appearance. Head pantodona massive triangular body is short, clearly expressed in the ventral keel. The pectoral fins are large pantodonov are fan-shaped form resembling wings. The caudal fin is rounded with a 4 – 5 luchamivystupayuschimi center. Pelvic fins long end antennas. In males, the anal fin in its form is different from the anal fin of females: males are elongated front rays, and in the middle of the fin is deep cut, whereas in females it is rounded and smooth. According to this distinction, and fin fish this type of floor. The body color with discreet pantodonov: scattered on a light body, dark brown stains and spots, further decorated with numerous gold sequins. In nature, fish grows to a size 10 – 12 centimeters, when the content of the aquarium is not bolee10sm. Pantodon – specific fish, so it does not belong in an aquarium for beginners. It is better to keep it separate from other fish. Aquariums should be low (no more than 20-30 cm in height) and possibly a broad and long.

This is because pantodony most active are at night. They quickly swim to the aquarium looking for food. With its strong pectoral fins, they are dispersed and easily glide across the water on the antennae. At the same time they manage to catch the water surface moths and flies. Pantodonov mouth is quite large, it can easily swallow even a very large cockroaches. It cockroaches and meal worms – the preferred food for pantodonov. Also, instead of Tubifex and bloodworms, which these fish have never taken in the water column and from the bottom, you should regularly, at least once a month to let the tank to a viviparous fish fry pantadonam (Sword, guppies, etc.) – will pantodony eat them in the upper water layers. Only with such feeding is possible to obtain high-quality manufacturers.

The water should be used with a neutral reaction, of medium hardness, pH changes over a long time in the acid side leads to fish kills. The important point is the temperature. Pantodon – a resident of the upper, well-warmed water layers. Therefore, the optimal temperature should be between 24 and 32 ° C. Temperature jumps should not be. smooth variations are possible day and night.

The spawning of these fish are in the general aquarium floating on the surface of the bushes tseratopterisa. For this we must maintain certain water parameters: pH in the range 6,9-7,0, temperature 28-30 ° C, hardness 5-7 °. It also requires regular replacement of fresh water.

Ruth D. Todd is specialist for pantadon fish. Pantadon requirements very good aquarium filtration system so you need to keep this in mind.