How to Prepare Peas for Your Goldfish

I’ve been asked by a lot of people how I prepare food for my Goldfish, so I thought I’d do up a really quick mini series of posts on a few different types of fresh foods that I use and of course how I go about getting them ready for the fish.

Please keep in mind that this is only how I choose to prepare my fish food – I’m definitely not saying that my way is the only way! There are plenty of variations on the methods of fish food preparation out there, so have some fun experimenting!

Why Peas Are a Good Addition to Your Goldies Diet

There are a lot reasons behind using peas to supplement your Goldfish’s diet, and most notably is the ability to get things moving again so to speak! There are all kinds of anecdotes out there talking about how peas can cure various buoyancy issues, and in many cases they do actually work – in the end, your success with using peas depends largely on why your Goldfish is floating upside down in the first place.

I personally use peas to help give my Goldies a varied dietprevent boredom, and to prevent them from becoming constipated.

5 Easy Steps to Preparing Peas for Goldfish

1. Get a hold of some peas. I like to buy the bags of frozen peas at the grocery store because they last me a very long time – although you are more than welcome to use fresh peas from the produce section as well (just remember to wash them off very well first!). If you choose to buy frozen make sure you read the ingredients carefully – you are looking for a bag that just lists peas, not any additional ingredients like salt. I normally have really good success buying the organic brands.

2. Soak the peas in some water. Essentially, all you are trying to do is blanch the peas so that they are softer and easier for your Goldfish to get a hold of. While you can do this on the stove, I’ll admit I’m kind of lazy when it comes to this part and I normally just pop them in the microwave. After I count out the correct number of peas I want to prepare I just throw them in a microwavable safe container with some water and zap them for a few seconds (it doesn’t take very long, but it will also depend on how many peas you are using).

3. Drain the hot water. This is a really easy step – all you are doing is draining off the water. Remember to check to make sure the peas are soft enough before you do this – if they aren’t just toss them back in for a few more seconds. I normally just take and drain the hot water out of the container and then pour some cool water on them so I can easily touch them for the next step.

4. Shell the peas. Just pick up one of the peas and gently pinch a little bit of the skin off in one part. All you have to do after you’ve made that tiny hole is apply a small amount of pressure and the pea pops right out. Just remember not to squeeze too hard – peas to the eye don’t feel very good!

5. Offer them to your Goldfish! This part is largely up to your individual fish – mine are large enough that I don’t have to do anything further at this point. However, if your Goldies are still pretty young you will need to cut the peas into sections or mash them up so they can fit them into their mouths. The pea should not be so big that it distends your fish’s mouth so much that they are unable to fully close their lips. I normally place the peas in a bathroom cup, scoop up some of the fish tank water, and then pour them into the tank (this just makes the peas sink easier). You may decide it’s easier to offer them on a spoon, just make sure they get underneath the surface of the water.