How to Lose Weight with Health

There are several ways to lose weight, which pop culture has been quick to show us, and even do it in a very short time, the problem is to opt for the fast lane can cost several problems of health.

Weight loss is not easy, takes time and effort because it involves changes that must adjust your metabolism. So if you want to lose weight health is important to:

Do not stop eating: does a slower metabolism, lowers her defenses and causes nutrient deficiencies, which can be fatal.

Do not take drinks: not that they are bad, but take them as if they were a remedy against fat is not good because the body needs other nutrients to resist physical stress and lose weight healthily.

Avoid eating and vomiting: this is not a healthy behavior, it can become severe and compulsive eating disorders that are difficult to treat as bulimia and anorexia. No laxative is like the last, a way to redeem the blame for overeating, but the downside is that alter bowel function.

Do not follow a liquid diet: drink fluids is good and necessary, but the body can not live with only liquids.

Do not rely on vitamin supplements to compensate for the lack of nutrients of the few foods you consume. It is not the same pills to eat real food.

And finally, do not make a miracle diet are less safe because there is. If there is no magic formula against overweight, then it would not be reading this.