How to Clean Aluminium

In most every household, there are dozens of aluminium pots and pans and surfaces that in and around the kitchen, the bathroom, and in the yard.

Clean aluminium surfaces are not only hygienic, but they also make your home look more attractive.

Aluminum household items develop a layer of dust on them. To clean aluminum, the first thing to do is to wash the item or utensil.

There are many dish washing liquids available in the market as well as different strengths.

Some cleansers have a strong concentration and they are ideal for tough stubborn stains. Take hot water, the soap solution, a scrubber and dip your aluminium pot or pan or utensil into this mixture and scrub away.

If you feel that the grease is tough to remove, you can consider keeping the utensil soaked in the extra strong soap solution for a longer period so that the soap can penetrate into the tougher stains and eliminate the aluminium oxide accumulated beneath. You can also choose extra strong scrubber to scrub the utensil, the bottom of the pan, the edges etc.

Scrubbing will easily reveal the aluminium underneath the layer or coating of burnt food, grease, oil or cream.

If food has been burnt into the bottom of the pan, take a flat edged wooden spatula and start scraping at the bottom. Do this until the food particles are separated from the pan, and then wash it the way.

Another method is to cook acidic substances such as rhubarb, lemon, apple, or tomato in your aluminium pot and you will get rid of the oxidation.  Using vinegar and water is also effective.

When cleaning aluminium, it is important to note that harsh abrasive cleaning pads or steel wool can scrub away the stain and grease faster, but it will leave behind scratches.