How to Clean a Humidifier

Most humidifiers are an essential appliance in homes.

Thus, maintaining them and keep them clean is important.

  Humidifiers usually come with cleaning instructions. Therefore, reading these instructions can help you maintain its long-term use.

Disinfectants are required to clean a humidifier. Vinegar is a good cleaning agent that will eliminate and work to stop the growth of germs, bacteria, or mold.

First, clean the filter or replace it if it is damaged. If the filter can be removed, wash it in soap and water, dry, and return it to the humidifier.  If it cannot be detached, unplug the humidifier before cleaning the filer To clean the humidifier, first put on a pair of rubber gloves.  To remove the mineral deposits, fill the humidifier with vinegar. In addition, soak the base of the humidifier in vinegar as well.

Take a brush with soft bristles and clean the base and other areas of the container. Repeat this step second time for better cleaning. After that pour out the vinegar and wash the container properly.

Another important step is to sterilize the humidifier, too. Pour water in the base; and add liquid chlorine bleach (1 teaspoon). After 30 minutes, pour out the solution and rinse properly so that the container smells fresh.