Have you ever had this experience:

You place a CD in your computer or multimedia device and find that it is not running?

This is due to one of two problems: either the CD is damaged, or it requires a plain and simple cleaning.

  If you wish to maintain your CDs, here are some tips on how to clean them. First, it is important to note that a PC, boom box, or other CD player gathers dirt and dust inside. Thus, the integrity of data can be corrupted by dirt or dust.

There are CD cleaners or CD dusters available in the market. Use this cloth to give a quick dusting to your disc. Most of the time, this will suffice.

If you prefer not to purchase these cloths, you can clean any CD at home using a clean, really soft, and lint free cloth.

Hold the CD in such a way that your thumb supports the edge of it and two fingers are placed inside the middle hole of the CD. Take care not to touch the shiny area.

If you find circular lines in the CD, refrain from cleaning the CD in the same circular direction. Clean the CD outwards starting from the middle an using very gentle strokes.

If you think that the stain has not gone or the CD still looks dirty, use the CD cleaning kits that are available today.

Or, if you prefer, use mild soap solution and warm water; or use an alcohol wipe to clean the CD.  Avoid any heavy solvents as they could damage the CD to the point it is no longer viable.

To maintain CDs, hold them properly; return them to their cases after use; and never leave them in the computer or multimedia devices.