Goldfish Plant – Live Or Plastic, Which Is Best?

Goldfish Plant (live or plastic).

The best known live goldfish plant that is used in tanks is Vallisneria, commonly referred to as Vallis.

The goldfish plant Vallisneria spiralis copes well in temperatures down to 59 degrees F and requires little light.

In order to successfully grow a live goldfish plant in an aquarium or tank, you need, at the very minimum, good lighting and a proper planting medium (that’s the fancy word for gravel).

Many goldfish keepers keep plastic plants in their tanks.

Plastic plants require no light or attention and goldfish will not nibble on the leaves, as they can with live plants. You and your entire family, can let your imaginations run wild choosing colours and combinations.

*You may find it hard to grow plants in a newly set-up tank or pond as there are in-sufficient nutrients in the system to sustain them. An option is to start with a fake goldfish plant or three and intersperse them with live ones as the tank or pond gets more ‘established’. Besides, you may find your little ‘oinkers’ …uh I mean goldfish just want to keep eating the live plants, so you need some fake ones to keep appearances.*

Oh and another thing – If your going away for a week maybe two and worried your goldfish wont have anything to eat, they can always munch on a live goldfish plant (also, well fed goldfish are ok for a week or a little longer without food).