An Introduction To Goldfish Care

Goldfish Care – First of all I will give you a quick and very basic outline to goldfish care with this:

Without knowing the exact conditions of your tank or pond ie. placement relative to sunlight, water temperature, cleaning schedule, number of fish etc. it is difficult to offer a cleaning and goldfish care routine specific to you, but I will offer you this:

A clean tank and healthy goldfish is all about balance.

In order to maintain this vital balance and give good goldfish care, you must ensure that:

  • you dont over-feed your fish,
  • have too many fish in the tank,
  • have the water temperature in the optimum range
  • have a water testing kit and regularly monitor the chemical conditions,
  • as well as a host of other factors.

With care of goldfish, just stick to the KISS method (keep it simple…) and you should be fine.

Replace 10-15% the tank water once a week, 20-25% of the water for ponds.

Scoop up any excess food etc. and you can minimise the time cleaning and maximise the time enjoying your fish 🙂

I hope this and all the following information contained within this site helps you have the enjoyment of healthy and happy goldfish by giving them the best in goldfish care.