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Fish Tank Decorations HQ – Introduction, and what it’s all about.

a Takashi amano tank

After seeing what a fish tank could be, I have spent considerable time and effort (and money!) investing in my aquarium’s design and decorations. Yet, in my quest to create an amazing tank of my own, I have found that while the necessary information is out there on the Internet, it is extremely scattered, fragmented, and often riddled with terms that makes it hard for newcomers to understand. Fish Tank Decorations HQ is designed to tackle this very problem, as I will do my best to convert my countless hours of research into a simple, informative, and useful guide to aquarium decoration for newly budding fishkeepers.

Taking time in decorating your fish tank yields tremendous benefits to both yourself and your fish. The thought and care that you put into your aquarium can be the difference between your tank becoming a centerpiece of the home or simply a part of the clutter. Creating a beautiful tank is also extremely fun, as it is something that you control with immediate effect. It allows us fishkeepers to get the most out of our decision to purchase an aquarium, as the fish tank and its inhabitants become something that we want to continually interact with, instead of an object that collects dust until the next water change.