Coffee: Good or Bad?

People around the world drink millions of cups of coffee every day. Some don’t imagine their mornings without it. What is the reason – is coffee really this good or is it so addictive? In my opinion, both. Not many things can compare to it except for maybe chocolate, but that’s a different story and a topic for another article. So, you love to drink coffee but is coffee good or bad for you? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Usually what happens is the scientists that do research about usefulness of harmful influence of coffee are paid by a company that wants to prove their point. As a result, the scientists are biased.

As in all things, it is best to drink coffee in moderation. A cup or two each day isn’t going to do you harm. If on the other hand you are drinking a pot every hour, you know that it will have a negative effect on you.

So first, what are some of the bad things about coffee?

  • Coffee causes stains on your teeth. Sure this is not some unrepairable damage as you can whiten your teeth but why not cut down on coffee instead?
  • Bad breath – yes did you ever think drinking a lot of coffee will cause it?
  • It raises anxiety levels – this can be easily figured out if you look at somebody who just had too much coffee and notice how they shake.
  • It can raise the risk of a heart attack – no wonder if it elevates the heart and blood pressure.
  • It can lead to sterility. It actually lowers your sperm count. Sounds too weird to be true, but it is.
  • It can cause stomach problems as the caffeine irrates the lining of the stomach.

This should be enough to warn you against consuming large volumes of coffee. Now, what about the benefits of coffee?

  • It prevents prostate cancer – coffee contains boron, which is a chemical that helps curb prostate cancer.
  • It is a perfect social drink – this is especially good for those who don’t drink alcohol.
  • It helps wash down a meal – in many cultures, a cup of coffee before or after a meal is a must. No one is certain that coffee actually helps the digestion process, but it sure tastes good after a meal.

Like with everything else, you need to do things in moderation. If you feel that you are over doing it, you need to cut back on the coffee. However good it tastes, you can harm yourself in the long run. One or two cups per day is a sure way to get all the benefits while avoiding all the risks connected with coffee.