Are You A Fan Of Fantail Goldfish?

The Fantail goldfish, or “twintail goldfish” are the original fancy goldfish that started the trend of breeding strange and beautiful goldfish.

Fantail goldfish have egg shaped deep bodies and short fins. Fantail goldfish come in a variety of metallic colors ranging from oranges, reds, blues, violets, and blacks. Color patterns also vary a great deal.

Fantail goldfish live for up to 10 years, and for this reason, it is a good idea to be able to choose a true Fantail. The fins on a Fantail goldfish are very distinct and make all the difference when picking the good from the bad (not to say there are any bad Fantails out there). The tail fin should be split or “twin” and should have the proper forking and appear fan-shaped when seen from the rear. The fins should also have intense coloring.

The Fantail goldfish is able to live in outdoor ponds and does not mind cooler waters, although they are not as hardy as some other pond dwelling goldfish.

Fantail diets consist of bloodworms, pellets and daphinia, but they will eat almost anything. Fantail goldfish are social creatures and love attention, so be sure to place them in a pond or aquarium with other similar goldfish.